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J. Moran

Managing Partner

J. Moran comes from a family with over 70 years of professional roofing experience. He followed his
brothers into the roofing profession upon retiring from the military in 2003.

J. enjoys helping people in their time of need. He is an expert at navigating the complex maze of
insurance restoration, which insures the highest return for the client. As a trained OSHA Ground Safety
and Accident Investigation Officer in the military, he takes the safety of his job sites seriously. Go2 Prime
Roofing is proud of its safety record! As technology has advanced, J. has kept Prime Roofing on the
forefront. CRM, satellite measuring, and estimating software allows Prime Roofing to offer better
pricing, faster build times, and continuous communication which translates into a better experience for
the client. J. has instilled the core values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence into Prime Roofing.

Having had the opportunity to travel to all 7 continents while in the military J. still enjoys traveling, and
pursuing his passion for flying, skiing and mountain biking.

You can reach J. at J@Go2Primeroofing.com

Peter Moran

Managing Partner

Pete, a master roofer, began his roofing career over 30 years ago in Dayton Ohio installing roofs for his brother’s company. He loves helping people define and create their roof system, be it a simple cabin in the woods or the Southwest hanger at the airport. Pete excels at creating a great experience for the client.

Pete is factory certified by most major residential and commercial manufacturers. Through these certifications Pete can offer some of the best warranties in the industry including NDL “no dollar limit” warranties on commercial projects. Pete was the founder of Prime Roofing in 1995 and moved to Colorado in 2000. Since then, Prime Roofing has installed thousands of roof systems.

Pete has become the Go2 roofer for many commercial and custom home builders when they want that custom roof system. Pete attended Sinclair College. He studied music and trained in classical guitar. When he is not building you a custom roof system Pete loves to build and remodel homes, travel, play guitar, mountain bike, and enjoys the Colorado great outdoors. 

You can reach Pete at Pete@Go2Primeroofing.co

Pete Moran Prime Roofing

Family Owned and Operated Since 1995