What is a commercial roof coating system?

A commercial roof coating system is an application of a protective layer to the exterior surface of your building, typically a commercial flat roof. 

Why use a commercial roof coating system?

There are many benefits to commercial roof coating systems. Here are some of the key reasons businesses choose to apply a coating:

  • Extend the life of the roof. If a flat roof is experiencing issues due to age and weathering, a silicone roof coating such as GE Enduris™ can add years to your roof before a total replacement is warranted. A good roof coating can protect your roof from premature aging due to standing water.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency. Particularly considering a black EPDM roof, applying a white commercial roof coating can reduce building cooling costs immensely by reflecting more of the suns heat energy and UV rays. 
  • Economical. By avoiding frequent repairs or deferring a total roof replacement, a commercial roof coating can save significant expense in the long run. 
  • Prevent Leaks. Roof coating systems act as an additional protective layer on top of your existing roof, maintaining your existing protection while adding leak proofing and solar heat reflection. If ponding water is a problem, consider a silicone roof coating.
  • Aesthetic Improvement. If your roof is old and weathered, but still performing, you can upgrade the look of your building by applying a roof coating. It will be like like you installed a new roof while extending the life of your existing roof.
  • Lightweight. Coatings are durable yet lightweight. Commercial roof coating can be installed over an existing roof without consideration of additional weight on the existing roof structure.

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What Roofs can be Coated?

Nearly all commercial roofs can be coated. Some require special treatment, such as ballasted and gravel surface roofs.

What Considerations are there for a Commercial Roof Coating?

Silicone is slippery, so in foot traffic areas, we recommend adding roof granules for traction. Silicone also attracts dirt, so periodic cleaning is recommended. Silicone coatings resist additional adherents, so subsequent coatings would need to be the same silicone, or the previous silicone layer would need to be removed. 

How Long will a Commercial Roof Coating Last?

A quality roof coating will last 10 years when properly maintained.

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